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Thread: complex numbers

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    Aug 2009

    complex numbers

    not sure if this is the right forum so sorry if i got it wrong. i'm having alot of trouble with this question. the numbers in brackets in front of the w's are meant to be subscripts

    if w_n = \exp\left(2\pi i/n\right) show w_n^n = 1 and that

    1 + w_n +w_n^2 + w_n^3 + \dots +  w_n^{n-1} = 0

    and show

    \left(x + y\cdot w_3 + z\cdot w_3^2\right)\left(x + y\cdot w_3^2 + z\cdot w_3\right) = x^2 + y^2 +z^2 - xy -yz -zx

    sorry for the lack of tex in it. thanks so much for any help given!!


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    w^k_{n}=e^{\frac{2k\pi}{n}}=\left(e^{\frac{2\pi}{n  }}\right)^k

    If k=n,then, w^n_{n}=\cos 2\pi+i\sin 2\pi=1+i.0=1


    For, n=3,anove results are, w^3_{3}=1 and 1+w_{3}+w^2_{3}=0

    x^2+y^2w^3_{3}+z^2_{3}+xy(w_{3}+w^2_{3})+yz(w^2_{3  }+w^4_{3})+zx((w_{3}+w^2_{3})


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