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Thread: change in function

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    change in function

    1. a) a maximum or minimum is given for each of the following functions. Select a strategy and verify whether the point given is a max or a min.

    a) f(x)= x^2-10x+7 ; (5,-18)

    2. For each function find the equation for the slope of the secant line between any general point on the function (a+h, f(a+h)) and the given x-coordinate of another point
    a) f(x)= x^2 -30x a=2
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    I'm assuming you haven't taken calculus. For #1, you are looking at f(x) which is a parabola. You should know that a parabola that opens up has a minimum point, called the vertex. All other points increase from that point. Use that info to solve the problem.

    For #2 think about how do you find slope normally? Think of it as two general points. (a+h, f(a+h)) is one and choose any other general point on f(x) - say (c, f(c)). I don't get why they tell you the first point is the sum of two variables when it's easier to just user one but it's still solvable.
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