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Thread: Solving for X

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    Jun 2008

    Solving for X

    Problem: With your calculator, solve for $\displaystyle x$ over $\displaystyle 0 \le x \le 2\pi$.

    $\displaystyle x-cos x = 0$

    Attempted Solution: My first guess was to factor out $\displaystyle x$, but that would leave me with no cos value. Would that be permissible? Is not cosine value equal to cos 0? That's my only guess and I doubt it.

    If anyone could help, I would greatly appreciate it.
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    Oct 2008
    cos(x) is a function, so you can't factor x out of it. The problem clearly mention the use of calculator. Draw the graph of y=x and y=cos(x) and then find their intersection points in the indicated interval.
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