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    Find the equation of the linethrought the y-intercept of x^4-2x^5-11+4x^2and the x-interceptof y=11x-2. Write the coefficients in the form of a simple fraction, if it is necessary.

    *I have no clue what to do. My teacher did not even teach this.
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    Y-intercept means graph is crossing y-axis in this point, and we need to find the coordinates of this point. If this point is on y-axis, the x, first coordinate is 0. Let's plug 0 ; 0^4-2*0^5-11+4*0^2=-11. To find x-intercept, make y=0. 0=11x-2; 11x=2; x=2/11. Now we need to write an equation of a line going through two points A(0,-11) and B(2/11, 0). One way to do it is to find slope first: m= change in y/change in x. m=(0--11)/(2/11-0)=11/(2/11)=121/2=60.5. Now use y=mx+b, and one of points A or B. Let's use p.A, -11=60.5*0+b From this find b, b=-11. Finally the formula of the line going through A and B is y=60.5x-11
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