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Thread: Equation for Sunrise

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    Oct 2008

    Equation for Sunrise

    Hey guys first post here I'm a j2me developer using some maths for my weather application.

    I'm trying to calculate the time of sunrise using this equation:

    cos(ωo) = -tan(φ)×tan(δ)

    this can be found at [link] Sunrise equation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [/link] aswell as some other places

    I know once I have ωo I can find the sunrise however, I dont understand the cos(ωo) bit. I just want the equation in the form

    ωo = . . . .

    any ideas how I factor out the cos()? I did try and do some inv cos functions but to no avail, any help much appreciated.
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    Feb 2008
    If you haven't been able to use arccos, then perhaps you could try the Taylor series of cos: Taylor series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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