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Thread: solving this problem in linear programming

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    Oct 2008

    solving this problem in linear programming

    I am lola,I am an agricultur engineering and I am doing my thesis , so please I need some help to resolve this folowing problem for my thesis,

    an agricultur desire to plant his land bananas,he has 2 choices of banana A or B. he nneds to know wich plant (A or B) can he plant to have a maximum profit with a minimum expense.
    the density and rentability and the fertilisers needed ,for A and B, are in the folowing table:

    Cultivars A B

    Density/ha 1600-2500(plants) 1680-1785(plants)

    t/ha 40-50 69-75

    needed/10 000 m2:
    N 250 295
    P 25 35
    K 800 1200
    Ca 150 175
    Mg 60 70
    S 14 32.5

    N cost : 27$ /50Kg
    P cost : 24$ /50Kg
    K cost : 40$ /50Kg
    Ca cos t: 30$ /50Kg
    Mg cost : 30$ /50Kg
    S cost : 70$ /50Kg

    I am waiting your answers;
    thanks ..............
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    Sep 2008

    Linear Programming

    Hi Lola,

    Question.... explain the rentability #'s....and I assume the other restraint values are "A" "B"? (where is the profit?)

    Objective Function: Max Profit
    such that.....

    The info you gave is not clear to me to properly set up the optimization problem (with needed units left out)
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