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Thread: what's the inverse function

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    Oct 2008

    what's the inverse function


    whats the inverser function of the above function?

    thx in advance
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    Oct 2008
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    Finding an Inverse Function's Definition

    Hello XuBicky:

    Switch the symbols x and y, and solve the resulting equation for y.

    For example, find the inverse of the following function.

    y = 1/4 * cos(2x)

    Switch the variable symbols.

    x = 1/4 * cos(2y)

    Start solving for y by isolating the cosine function.

    4x = cos(2y)

    Get the y variable out from inside the function by taking the arccos of both sides.

    arccos(4x) = 2y

    Multiply by 1/2 to solve for y.

    y = 1/2 * arccos(4x)

    Now you try the same sort of thing with your exercise.

    If you need more help, then please post any work that you've been able to accomplish and try to say something about why you're stuck.


    ~ Mark
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