i graphed in Microsoft Math and found some points that work (that are within the region and are integers)


and I'm still looking, but how do I evaluate for ALL possible solutions?

I'm going to try a regression analysis in my TI-84 to see if there is a way but if you think there's anything i need to know please tell!

anyway, THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE HELP!!!! it means a lot to me

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I would do it by search, the largest value that $\displaystyle a$ can take is less than $\displaystyle 54$, and the smallest more than $\displaystyle 16$ (find the points of intersection of the lines defining the feasible region to show this).

So for each $\displaystyle a$ between $\displaystyle 17$ and $\displaystyle 53$ I would check which values of $\displaystyle m$ give points in the feasible region (they will all be close to $\displaystyle 0.77a$).

oh duh!! that makes sense

thanks so much for your help, I can't thank you enough!!