OK, so we have to draw functions based on given properties. The one question I keep having is this:

Given that a function has to have the property of "y is an element of all real numbers such that y is greater than or equal to -6", and the property that "y is increasing from (-infinity,-3)" (there is a point at (-1,-3) so that is why there are round brackets on that notation, beside the -3) ---> How do you draw that? I mean, it says that from infinity to -3 the graph has to increse, so I was just going to draw an asymptote on -6 and have the function travel upward to -3 and call that my interval, but hten I realized that the first property says that the function equals -6 at some point... There are a couple other properties listed for this particular question, but none of them allow me to go back down to -6, and none of them deal with this section of the graph any more so... Can anyone explain if I have my thinking right on this or....?