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Thread: growth constants...

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    Apr 2008

    growth constants...

    if a bacteria culture starts with 6000 bacteria and doubles every 15
    minutes how many minutes will it take to reach the population 49000 ?

    12000= 6000e^k*15

    divide by 6000 so then you have


    ln2= lne^k*15
    that cancels out and leaves you

    ln2 =k*15 so you divide by 15

    this is where i freeze up what do u plug it into next to get the 49000

    so then its 49000/6000 =6000/6000 e^k*t

    but what do i use for the k & t this time is it what the k only equals or the k and the time i first used
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    P(I'm here)=1/3, P(I'm there)=t+1/3

    Let T be the number of minutes necessary to reach 49000

    $\displaystyle 49000=6000 e^{kT}$

    Do the same things as for getting k, but now to find T, not k
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