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    Dec 2007

    Exclamation curve

    Thank you for loking at my problems..

    if i start with the graph of y=x^3 , then find the equation of the graph resulting from the following tranformation what do i get my scale factor 2 parallel to x axis. i know that for the same but the y axis is just y=3x^3, but not sure what do do for the x axis, Thank you
    Also, im not sure if youll understand this without a graph but, a diagram of y=f(x)which has a min point (2,-2)and max point of (-2,2) which passes through he origin.
    i need to sketch the graph again but showing y=2f(x),which i now just moves up 2 on the y axis and so is (2,4)..but im unsure what to do for sketching y=f(2x) and y=f(1/2)

    If you can explain how i can do this , then thats great, thank you
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    Aug 2007
    Given an equation; $\displaystyle y=f(x)$,

    A stretch s.f. (scale factor) $\displaystyle a$ to the x-axis will result in the equation $\displaystyle y=f(\frac{x}{a})$
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