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Thread: Cartesian Equation

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    Oct 2007

    Cartesian Equation

    x= 3t
    y= 9t^2

    Find the cartesian equation.
    I don't get what one is.

    The answer is t^2.

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    Dec 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by Truthbetold View Post
    x= 3t
    The answer is t^2.
    t^2 is not a cartesian equation. It's not even an equation..

    As far as I know, cartesian equations are equations that describe the curve using x and y coordinates, not parameters like t.

    x = 3t
    y = 9t^2
    You can see that y = x^2.

    If you can't see the relation between x and y (parametric equations are not always simple like this), you can do it algebraically.

    x = 3t
    t = \frac{x}{3}
    y = 9t^2
    y = 9 (\frac{x}{3})^2
    y = x^2
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