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Thread: Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions

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    Oct 2012

    Question Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions

    Hey guys, I have a test tomorow and my teacher gave us a review sheet with 10 questions to study from. I am totally lost in the class. Been trying to study at home for hours but still theres a lot of stuff thats not getting through to me. Any help is appriciated. Please mention all the steps so I could learn from it. Once again, thanks a ton.

    Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions-math.png

    Zoomed in pics incase you guys couldnt see the first picture clearly:-

    Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions-math-1.png

    Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions-math-2.png
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    Re: Pre-Calculus Test Review Questions

    Understand that this is not a site where someone will go over 3 pages of problems in order to teach you precalculus concepts that you fail to understand.

    This is the way it works here ... you post a single problem that you've made an attempt to solve, showing the work that you've tried, then hopefully someone provides you with the necessary guidance.
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