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Thread: Graphing Word Problem

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    Graphing Word Problem

    You want to rent a car for a two day road trip. The options you have found are as follows

    "Speedy Cars" charges $25 per day, and an additional 10 cents per kilometre driven
    "Compact Comfort" charges $50 per day, and they allow unlimited distance
    "Getaway Cars" charges only $15 per day, which the first 600km free, but then 30 cents for every kilometre after that.

    a) What is the independent variable? What is the dependent variable?
    b) Draw one line for each company on the graph to give a visual representation of this information.
    c) What does the vertical axis intercepts represent?
    d) For these graphs, what does slope represent?
    e) Where do the lines intersect, and what do these points represent?
    f) How does this information help you decide which company to use
    g) A friend said she rented a car for two days last week which cost $90, and she drove 400 km. Comment on this
    h) Another friend said he had also paid $90 for his two day rental even though he travelled 900km. Comment on this.?

    I dont know where to get started in this question. I dont know what the independent and dependent variable is...>< Can someone hep guide me through this question?
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    I'm sorry there isn't a much better answer, but you start by thinking about it.

    You studied dependent and independent variables. Which one can you control? That's probably the independent variable. What is the resulting consequence fo your choice? That is probably the dependent variable.

    Each cost is made up of a fixed cose and some variable cost (which may be zero). Set them all up and graph them.

    It's a 2-day trip, so there are your fixed costs:

    "Speedy Cars" charges $25 per day -- $50
    "Compact Comfort" charges $50 per day -- $100
    "Getaway Cars" charges only $15 per day -- $30

    The variable costs are in the miles driven. Let's see what you get for your three equations.
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