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Thread: [URGENT]Questions from a take home exam I cant solve[URGENT]

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    [URGENT]Questions from a take home exam I cant solve[URGENT]

    So our math teacher gave all the seniors a take home exam, only he gave us the Calc one and told us we have a book use it. I really have tried to use the book but I dont learn that way. I need to be shown how to work things out not just read them. Anyways here are the questions which I have no idea how to solve. Some may be Calc and Im sorry if they are. But this is a Pre-Calc exam. Its 99 questions and I have been working on it all weekend. Its due tomorrow as we graduate Thursday. Any help is much appreciated.

    1.Describe the Transformation from the parent function: y=10log(x)+3
    2.The Perimeter of a rectangle is 28cm. This means the area of the rectangle can be given with the formula A9x)=x(14-x) Find the domain of A9x)
    3.An Absolute value equation that is transformed: streched by a factor of 2, left 2, down 1.
    4.Is this function even, odd, or both, or neither? t(x)=-9x^5+x^3+13x
    5.Create a test interval chart: q(x)=(2x^3-x^2-55x)/(x^2+13x+30)
    6.Use combinatorics to find the 2nd term of (3w+4q)^4
    7.Use combinatorics to find the 5th term of (2+z)^8
    8.Find the sum: -9-27-81....-19683
    9.A tall pole casts a shadow 6ft long. If the angle of depression looking down from the top of the tall pole to the tip of the shadow is 53 degrees, what is the height of the tall pole.
    10.An Isosceles triangle has base angle of 85 degrees and height 4. Find the area
    11.Give all six trigonometric functions of the angle defined by a terminal point of (11/61, 60/61)
    12.Find the time is takes to make an angle of 4/3π radians when the angular speed is 1.8 rad/year
    13.Find the speed of a vehicle whose wheels are 20 inches in diameter are making 53 rotations per minute
    14.Solve the triangle(Round to two places) S is a right angle TR=13 and T=13 degrees
    15.Find the number of solutions of triangle BCD when B=176 degrees b=3 and d=4
    16.Find the number of solutions of triangle EFG when E=72 degrees e=11.71 and f=12
    17.Find the solutions of triangle PQR when P=30 degrees Q=20 degrees and q=4.5
    18.Find the solutions of triangle UVW when U=77 degrees v=16 and w=19
    19.Find the solutions of trigangle PQR when p=21 q=30 and r=10
    20.Find the area of triangle DEF when d=33 e=25 and F=98 degrees
    21.Find the area of triangle FGH when f=11 g=5 h=7
    22.Find the area of triangle HMN when h=19 m=32 and n=14
    23.Ducks are visiting a local pond. The house is 48 ft from the tree, the tree is 45 ft from the ducks and the ducks are 55ft from the tree. What is the area of the triangle formed
    24.Give 3 polar points that are equivalent to: (3/2, (-3√3)/2)
    25.Give 3 different polar points that are equivalent to: (-3√2, 3√2)

    Any help would be useful as I know none of these and need to turn it in by tomorrow
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    Re: [URGENT]Questions from a take home exam I cant solve[URGENT]

    we dont answer questions which contibute to your final grade
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