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Thread: Pre-Calculus Help Please!

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    Feb 2011

    Pre-Calculus Help Please!

    Hi, I need help with some questions that I have solved:

    I am attaching it as a .word file. Please would anyone mind taking a look at it and see if it is good and if there are other ways to solve the problems. Thanks in advance!Attachment 23962Attachment 23962Attachment 23962Attachment 23962Attachment 23962
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    Apr 2005

    Re: Pre-Calculus Help Please!

    Since Microsoft is no longer allowed to bundle "Word" with "Windows" many people simply do not have "Word" and cannot open your file.
    (Many who do have it are reluctant to open such files off the internet since they are notorious for harboring viruses.)
    Thanks from Reckoner
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