A company has the following information of 4 consecutive months of the operation of a certain product

Month 1: Units Sold:100. Total Cost: $19,950. Income: $12,750. Sales Price: $127.50
Month 2: Units Sold:230. Total Cost: $21,510. Income: $25,587.50. Sales Price: $111.25
Month 3: Units Sold:700. Total Cost: $27,150. Income: $36,750. Sales Price: $52.50
Month 4: Units Sold:1100. Total Cost: $30,750. Income: $15,000. Sales Price: $15.00

a)Obtain the function for monthly income, considering that it has a quadratic behavior.
b)Obtain the function for total monthly costs, considering it has a lineal behavior.
c)Determine the price range where there are losses and the range where there are profits, considering that production satisfies demand.
d) determine the sales price needed, so that total costs equal $23,000 per month
e)show if this company can obtain a net income of $20,000 per month
f)obtain the economic domain and range of total cost and net income.

Now I know 6 questions is asking for alot of help, but if you could help with the first couple, I think I can figure out the rest. My problem is that for a and b I cant think of how to set up the functions...any help is appreciated.Thank You.

sorry trying to fix the table, anyways i thought that for a and b there would be 4 seperate functions one for each month, so 8 in total. My teacher says this is wrong and says it can be done with just two function total, one for a and another for b.