Hi guys,I was wondering if you would be able to help me with a question about velocity and acceleration.I need to know if there is an equation that will convert non-linear acceleration into linear acceleration.On a Playstation 3 you use a dual shock controller to move about a gun on screen using an analogue stick or more precisely a potentiometer.Here is the controller How to convert non-linear acceleration to linear acceleration?-sonyps.jpg and here is the analogue stick (potentiometer) How to convert non-linear acceleration to linear acceleration?-stick400.jpg I am also using Modern Warfare 2 as default game.Now I am using a keyboard and mouse peripheral to emulate the analogue stick directly to mouse movement, however the acceleration is non-linear and the acceleration is independent of each game.Now as you may or may not know, when you use a mouse on a PC it has linear acceleration ie mouse velocity has a direct correlation with on screen distance movement which is known as 1:1 ratio.Is there anyway to run the mouse through some sort of equation to produce a linear 1:1 acceleration similar to that of a PC?(Please take in mind that any deadzone issues can be ignored as this is already solved)