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Thread: about dot product

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    Aug 2011

    about dot product

    What actually means by scalar dot product of two vectors a and b.

    What actually it signifies and how to understand that?

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    Dec 2011

    Re: about dot product

    Hi arangu1508!

    I believe wikipedia explains it better than I could:
    Dot product - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Or did you have more specific questions?
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    Jun 2011

    Re: about dot product

    The explanation that is the most easy to visualize:
    the dot product is a scalar projection of vector A onto vector B.

    If you think of it this way, then for example the following properties of the dot product become intuitively clear:
    -if vectors A and B are parallel, then the dot product is equal to the length of vector A.
    -if vectors A and B are perpendicular, then the dot product is zero-
    -the dot product can never be larger than the length of vector A
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