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Thread: Computing the multipart rules

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    Oct 2011

    Computing the multipart rules

    h(t) = t - 1
    f(t) = -t - 1
    g(t) = |t|

    -Compute the multipart rules for g(h(t)) and h(g(t)) and sketch their graphs

    So what I did first was mainly subsitution since we got the values
    So for g(h(t)) would be:
    g(h(t)) = g(t-1)
    g(t) = |t|
    g(t-1) = |t-1|
    h(f(t)) = t-1 if __________
    -t + 1 if _________

    How do you get the 'if part'
    in the answer book, it's 1<t for t-1
    and t<1 for -t+1
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