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Thread: Basic Vector Addition Question

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    May 2011

    Basic Vector Addition Question

    This question might be too trivial for a linear algebra topic but I am not sure what I am doing wrong.

    Heres the problem. A is 62.0 an Theta is 58.0 Degrees

    I made the triangles and I believe A^y is 29.1 => sin(28) *62.0
    A^x is 54.7. => 29.1/tan(28)

    for B. B^y is 22.47 => sin(58) * 26.5
    B^x is 14.04 => 22.47/tan(58)

    C is simply C^y is -31.0

    So my equations are

    A= 54.7 i + 29.1 j
    B= 14.04 i + 22.47 j
    C= 0 i - 31.0 j

    I wanted to find R^x and R^y and that is simply adding all the related components.

    R^x= 68.74

    I have R^y right but R^x is wrong. Finding the magnitude and angle are easy after that but I am probably getting them wrong from doing R^x wrong. But I keep checking the math and I guess im not seeing something.



    Posted a picture of the vectors
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    May 2011
    I believe I got it. I was taking the angle for B in correctly. It should be 180 - 58 to compensate it for being the Q II. Ill go check the answers to see if im right though
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