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Thread: Polar coordinates?

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    Dec 2010

    Polar coordinates?

    Find the distance between these two polar points
    P1(1.3,-47 degrees) and P2(-3.6,-62 degrees)

    I know the formula to find distance is

    square root R1^2+R2^2-2(R1R2)cos(angle 2- angle1)

    But when I plug in the numbers in my calculator I get an unreal answer but checking the answer on the back of my math book I know that is incorrect.

    Can anyone show me how to do this problem?
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    Sep 2008


    I get 2.74578
    Is that the answer that you think it should be?

    When you type it in:

    is your -3.6 in () when you square it?

    (1.3)^2 + (-3.6)^2 -2(1.3)(-3.6)Cos(-47 - -62) all under the radical sign.

    also is your calculator in the correct mode if you can change it?
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