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Thread: 3 problems I couldnt solve

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    3 problems I couldnt solve

    hi im teaching myself calculus and from this section in my textbook I couldnt answer a few questions. I was hoping someone could help.

    1. find the equation of circle with center (-2,3) and tangent to line 4y-3x+2=0.
    2. determine the nature of the graph of the equation by completing the square :
    x^2 + y^2 -8x + 12y + 53 = 0
    3. find the equation of the locus of a point P = (x,y) that moves in accordance with each of the following conditions and sketch the graph : the sum of the squares of the distances from p to the points (a,0) and (-a,0) is 4b^2 where b <= a/square root of 2 > 0.

    Can someone tell me how to do problems like these or know any good instructional videos?
    ive spent hours trying to find videos/read stuff about this questions online but to no avail. going nuts. also theres 4 more questions from this section I have that ill post if I get help for these.
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    1.(Hint) Tangent to a circle definition - Math Open Reference

    2.{I think it should be : -53 and not +53} I've got (x-4)^2+(y+6)^2=105 (What is it?)

    3. What you did, show us your work...
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