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Thread: function problemss 30

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    Oct 2010

    function problemss 30

    Let f and g be the functions in the table below. xf(x) g(x)f '(x)g'(x) 13246 21357 32179
    (a) If F(x) = f(f(x)), find F '(3).

    (b) If G(x) = g(g(x)), find G '(2).
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    Oct 2009
    How do you expect people to make an effort to help you if you have not made an effort to typeset the table of the values of f(x), g(x), etc.? Also, the forum rules say that you have to show what you've tried, even if it is only describing what you know about this type of problems and the difficulty you are having.

    The easiest way to present your data is to write it explicitly:

    f(1) = ... g(1) = ... f'(1) = ... g'(1) = ...

    A better way to make a table is to put it inside [code]...[/code] tag to prevent turning consecutive spaces into one space and then use some fixed-with font, e.g., Courier New. Here is an example.

    x f(x) g(x) f'(x) g'(x)
    1 2    3    4     5
    You can click "Reply with a quote" to see how it is done.
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