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Thread: What kind of function is this

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    Sep 2010

    What kind of function is this

    I have to determine what kind of function these are and so have i have deteremined what they are NOT

    2x^-3 + 5x^-2 +6

    2x^2 + t^(1/3)

    x^3 - 8

    I have determined they are all neither polynomial or rational
    i believe the 2nd is a power function
    how do i tell which is which?? thanks
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    Apr 2005
    The first one definitely is a rational function: it is the same as $\displaystyle \frac{6x^3+ 5x+ 2}{x^3}$. I'm not sure what you mean by a "power function". The second is a polynomial in x and a radical function in t. I have no idea what the "GR" is supposed to indicate. If they are just constants then the third is also a rational function.
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