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    Word Problem

    The day you begin to store a watermelon in your basement it weighs 10 pounds and is 99% water. You forget about it for a while and when you bring it up from the basement, it is 98% water. What does it weigh?

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    At first, you had 99% water. So, you had 10 x 99% = 9.9 mass of water and 0.1 dry mass.

    The dry mass is always constant.

    Then, you have 98% weight water. This means that the 2% is dry mass, and is equal to 0.1.

    Find for 100%, using proportions.

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    May 2010
    its solid content is 1%of 10pounds = 0.1pound
    The new weight, W, is such that the solid content represents 2% (100-98) but is still 0.1pound
    so, 0.1= 0.02*W
    thus W=0.1/0.02=5 pounds
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