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Thread: Mathematic Models - assignment

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    Nov 2008

    Mathematic Models - assignment

    Maths Applied course assignment, I can't remember what it is im doing is called but you should get the drift.

    Basically given a table with values and prepare a screen plot of data on calculator. All good, from there I have to find a suitable equation. I sat for about 2 hours trying to figure it out, and no luck.

    2. Certain farmers in country Victoria had wind turbines installed for power generation. Properties in the area were valued every two months after the first wind turbines were installed. The average land value per hectare in the area was found to be as follows.

    Months after the wind
    turbines' installation (t):

    Average land value per hectare ($) (V)

    Find a suitable equation which relates the property value V to the time after the wind turbines were installed t.

    Basically if I can get some help with the equation I should be able to do the rest which is just Predictions from the graph.

    Sorry if this is too big or probably in the wrong spot, much help appriciated.

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    First, what does the graph on the screen plot look like?

    A quick glance at the values, which start by going up but then go down again, indicates to me that this is not a straight line but might be close to a parabola.

    If it looks more like a parabola, say with vertex upward, then try [tex]y= ax^2+ bx+ c. Since that has the three coefficients, a, b, c, you will need three data points to determine them. I recommend using the two end points, (0, 2400) and (10, 2900), and (4, 14000) where it appears to have its maximum.
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    Nov 2008
    Thanks for response,

    When I put the values into the calculator, I get points close to a straight line, but points with a line of best fit put through. I don't get a parabola, unless my calculator is put in a wrong mode or something.

    As for getting to the y2-y1,x2-x1 points, I can do all that then getting into y-y1=a(x-x1). But my equation never works out so that when I put the values into my equation, I never get right answer. If I'm making sense.

    Example y = value(t) + value should be adding up to the V - land value?

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