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    Oct 2006


    I have a test today and i'm not sure how to do somethings

    Draw each pair of graphs on the same axes. In each case, tell what is the same and what is differnt about the graphs.

    1. y= 1 over 4x; y= -1 over 4x

    2. y = 4x; y= 4x - 2

    Use the intercepts to graph each equation.

    3. 2x - y = -4

    thankyou however helps!!
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    Sep 2006
    1. Plot the graph for the equations.

    y = X
    y = -X

    You will see that they are in different directions as they have opposing slopes; + and -.

    You will also see that they both passes through the origin (0,0) and this is called the invariant point.

    2. Plot the graph for the equations.

    y = 4x
    y= 4x - 2

    To find x intercepts, replace y with 0 and solve for x.

    You will see that both lines are parallel as they have the same slope (4). The y-intercept for the first equation is 0 while the second one is -2.

    3. Put the equation is a more readable format:

    2x - y = -4
    y= 2x + 4

    Find x-intercepts

    Find y-intercepts:

    Plot these 2 points and draw a line.
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