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Thread: exponential functions and logarithms

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    Oct 2009

    exponential functions and logarithms

    Do you know how I could figure this out?

    Let Lo represent the loudness of a sound at 0dB, the threshold of hearing.

    a) write an equation to express the loudness , L, of a sound with decibel level, d.

    I know that this answer is Lo= Lo(10) d/10

    b) How many times as loud as a heavy truck is an air conditioner?
    the heavy truck is 90 dB and an air conditioner is 65.
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    Jul 2009
    from wikipedia, the formula are these:


    Rearranging the above equation gives the following formula for P1 in terms of P0 and LdB:
    . Since a bel is equal to ten decibels, the corresponding formulae for measurement in bels (LB) are

    why not substitute the values?

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