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Thread: Square root mod p

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    Square root mod p

    I need an efficient way to calculate the square root of a large number modulo a huge prime p, i.e. a way to calculate x^2 = q mod p, where q and p are given. q is in my case 13 digits and p 16 digits, which makes it practically impossible to bruteforce (in reasonable time).

    I can't find anything helpful anywhere except tests whether it is a quadratic residue or not, and special cases... The tests seem to take as long as simply trying to bruteforce by testing if q, q+p, q+2p, q+3p, ..., are square roots. And my prime isn't on the form 4k+3 nor 8k+5 (which allegedly would mean that calculating the square root would be easy).

    I would be very grateful for any help at all.
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    Use internet and search for the algorithm. It is the most efficient as far and I know. There are several several variations.
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