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Math Help - I need help with some notation.

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    Aug 2012

    I need help with some notation.

    Is there any kind of notation or operator that can represent the square part of an integer? What about the square free part of an integer? I would like to use them in a formula that I am constructing. At the moment I am simply surrounding the variable in a square for the square part, though, if the variable name is a bit long, it looks more like a rectangle. :P

    The square free part I am simply expressing as the original value divided by the square part of itself.

    Square Part -- from Wolfram MathWorld
    Squarefree Part -- from Wolfram MathWorld
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    Apr 2005

    Re: I need help with some notation.

    There is no standard notation for the "square part" or "square free part" of an integer. So why not use, say, SQP(n) and SQFP(n), being careful to define them clearly before you use them? That SQP(1)= 1, SQFP(1)= 0, SQP(2)= 1, SQFP(2)= 1, SQP(3)= 1, SQFP(3)= 2, SQP(4)= 4, SQFP(4)= 0, SQP(5)= 4, SQFP(5)= 1, etc.
    Thanks from jdfm
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