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Thread: two's complement

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    Nov 2009

    two's complement

    Perform the following arithmetic operation using 8-bit
    two's complement

    a) 8710 - 2910

    i just want to know.. am i converting the number correctly?

    89 = 0101 1001
    -29 = 1110 0011


    i should change from decimal to binary...
    then, apply two's complement to the number?

    i know how to perform the arithmetic.. just bit confused with the representation of the number..
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    Sep 2008
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    $\displaystyle 29_{10} = 00011101_2 $. To get $\displaystyle -29 $ invert the digits and add one.

    $\displaystyle (-29)_{10} = (11100010+1)_2 = 11100011_2 $, so yes you are correct.
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    Dec 2009
    The idea behind 2's complement arithmetic is to represent 29 as a negative binary number
    and add instead of subtract.

    $\displaystyle 89-29=80+(-29)$

    In binary, $\displaystyle 29=2^4+2^3+2^2+2^0=00011101_2$

    To write $\displaystyle -29$ in 2's complement form, invert the bits and add 1.

    8-bit negative numbers have a 1 in the most-significant bit position.
    Positive numbers have a 0 there.

    $\displaystyle 01011001_2+11100011_2=00111100_2$

    with a carry into the 9th bit position, which means the result is positive.

    The result should be 60.

    $\displaystyle 00111100_2=2^2+2^3+2^4+2^5=4+8+16+32=60$
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