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Thread: computer operations with integers (subtraction)

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    Apr 2010

    computer operations with integers (subtraction)

    when subtracting say, (1121)$\displaystyle _3$-(212)$\displaystyle _3$ how does the "borrowing" work, I have that the answer is 202 but I can't remember how I got there originally when I learned it.

    Also, just to throw in a division one, can someone show me step by step how to divide BEADED by ABBA both base 16?
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    Aug 2009
    Borrowing works like this, for base 3, when you borrow 1 from a number, 3 is added to the number that's borrowing. Similar to base 10, when you borrow 1 from a number, 10 is added to the borrowing number.

    As for division in base 16, the ideas are the same as in base 10 "long division". If you check with a hex calculator, the answer is 11C.
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