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Thread: Probability Question

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    Nov 2018

    Probability Question

    Can anyone help in answering this question pls

    1. Assume there are 400 athletes in a training camp, who are required to attend the morning drill starting at 4 am. The attendance in morning drills is 70%, i.e. on an average, 280 athletes are present. Fifty new athletes are admitted in this batch.
      a. What is the probability of attendance being at least 70% among the new athletes, thus ensuring the overall attendance does not fall below 70%?

      b. The training coach thinks that this probability will increase, if the new batch size is 40 instead of 50 students. Is he right in assuming so?

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    Nov 2010

    Re: Probability Question

    1a) I do not know if we can help. We do not know the assumptions you are operating under. If 70% of athletes show up for morning drills, is that because after being at training camp for as long as they have been, they have been conditioned to show up 70% of the time? Or does it mean that given any athlete, they will show up 70% of the time regardless of how seasoned they are? I would say knowing nothing about the new 50 athletes, there is somewhere between a 0% and a 100% chance that at least 70% of them will attend.

    1b) I have no idea if he is right or wrong, as we know nothing about the new athletes. Are they being added because they are the creme of the crop who never miss a drill? Or are they being added because they need the extra training, and they have an average of 0% among them? We are not given any information about them to know.
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