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Thread: New member saying "Hello!"

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    New member saying "Hello!"

    Hi everyone!

    I don't quite understand why it's taken me so many years to find this forum, but now that I have, I'm glad to be here.
    I've always been interested in mathematics, geometry in particular. I'm a retired electronics engineer, but still 'do' electronics as a hobby - along with several other interests, including maths. & general D-I-Y.
    Location is Somerset, United Kingdom.
    Relevant education in maths. is to GCE A-level (and a bit more) from 1968.
    My interest in maths. is not limited to classical & traditional mathematics, but the wider philosophy of mathematics, including its history. So here's three Qs. that have always puzzled me:
    1. Why is maths so appealing to some people and not to others?
    2. Is maths a 'Science' or an 'Art'? Or neither? (Personally, I view it as an Art).
    3. Why are so many mathematicians addicted to caffiene?

    Any replies will be much appreciated and I look forward to contributing positively to this forum.

    Al. (Skywave) / June 13, 2017
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    Re: New member saying "Hello!"

    Beer soaked ramblings follow.

    Welcome Sir Skywave, I say welcome.
    We can never have enough quixotic math knigh-errants hereabouts.
    I'll have to skip your first 2 Qs but a friend here may have opinion why caffeine is his poison of choice for triggering his mathematical endeavors. I prefer booze myself so I cannot attest to your 3rd Q.
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