Extension just don't overextend now inhale again and hold your breath as you lower the weight under perfect control down to your upper chest if you can avoid pausing at the bottom that's a more efficient use this exercise what you don't want to do is bounce off your chest always remember slow controlled focused movements this classic peg builder depends and perfect form and continuous motion the rule here keep the SkulpTek Pro bar moving it all times everyone thinks a generally know what they’re doing with the bench press well let's see how we can maximize every single moment of it start by lying on your bench knees bent 90 degrees in your feet flag on the floor your feet need to be flat for maximum stability your head shoulders includes a resting on the bench and you want to keep your natural slight arch in the lumbar spine now position yourself so that the barbell is on the rack directly above your head grasp the bar palms facing away with a slightly wider than shoulder with grip left the barbell off the rack or have.
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