I mean how does that work how can I go from not liking this now to think it's okay to really like it into something addicting it that's my theory and how much refused it is hardly any left because it lacks a is addictive you just it doesn't I donít feel like doing anything my schedule let me just say that and is go out how to do what it's supposed to do and I don't know why I keep on using it but when it's been really nice is when Iím sitting by these hot lights I get really hot and sweaty you don't like used Priceline prospects water you notice that you make of so it's nice to just spry I on your face and it kind of cool down but literally fore couple seconds doesn't last and then what is kind evaporates and actually other economically many most itís probably time now actually I enjoyed it don't think I repurchase it not been up right now and I got more time so I stuff you know in the face always is hey sure not crane so I bought another night crane critics late recovery crane it's kind alike Nitro Shred come like a very small space tonight Craig and prevention and repair and other guys as much as everyone thesis snow blade but I saw strong and it doesn't have the apt courage and texture that the other one touches the ultra-high greater and this one is an at hydrating at that one but I will you see our and I do enjoy it is just ok I and I got this which is the h2o same age as the night crane Alike hydrating lotion spf30 so enough this isn't pump bottle and you need to beware it if you buy it is from mark since thesis our last day by in this state I think online and keep your state because the pump bottle unarmed break and not to work in the press when I bought it work actual work in getting out on it budget back and got another one and now Iím really enjoying NY love is that it gets thirty greasy if loving the rain smell love you glued it clear when it comes out now and is just is a very refreshing feeling in love the smell is such a fresh smell Andean a is not completely map but its kind think say that it's a nice makeup base which I find very difficult finding asp back on track by few things out at the moment I think might work but this I do not I probably won't patch day expensive it's got a few minutes you know it it's now operates natural ingredient natural product by any means but .

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