We talk before we did the interview we talked about how not every sunscreens is for everybody even though you may love it any that's one thing I wanted you total a little bit about you that this is the guide it's not written in stone sure FB1-TEST I mean it changes every year the formulas change in you know I just because I love there the new guy who can leave the mean that everyone's going to love it next I know why I help I had it so many sunscreen Smith over the years and I know have gotten a little more relaxed look something up something do have some questionable ingredients in there but you know I it's not for me to tell you what is the perfect sense you have to try different all that on see which one works for me which one works for Kennedy on right here makeup mismodifferent reasons in where and when and how so you know everyone has different skin types and sensitivities and allergies in fact that so now this is more just the fifth general yours all the ones that I approve I'll years all the information I can give you.
Warning: Do Not Buy FB1-TEST - Shocking - READ IT'S SIDE EFFECTS FIRST!!!