To deal with from headaches to downdraft to every disease you can name just about finally after twenty four years of this crime problem in many Jews fasten intestinal cleansing and clients and clean is along the way I was introduced to the idea that mercury maybe a causative factor in my health challenges so I finally did Indian pHs_ challenge test this is a synthetic soil from the last of it is injected into the body using collector urine for twenty four hours and senate offer analysis I found out by hand off the chart high levels of mercury in my body I proceeded to take these man-made synthetic soil from the alas is for nine months to continue to talk to find my body in the ninth month on the ninth dosage my douse again to work seventy five percent normal for the first time in twenty four years due tithe FB1-TEST city are side effects of the synthetic soil from the last and stopped using then it began to look for natural ways to detoxify my body of the remaining retreat Iíve tried virtually all the products on the market and found the great is that we have results from a product we now carry called mark remarried within the timeframe of five years my elimination begin ninety five percent normal and remains so to this day ice on good detoxification results of reprimanded and chlorella in myself and my client's bought the detoxification was still slow and it's a liver and kidneys were tall sluggish than some of the deter side effects could require some people to stop taking the products I still need to find a way to support the liver and kidneys so that these vital organs a filtration could remove the mercury from circulation fast enough so that we can reduce the symptoms of detoxification time went on and in two thousand ten I met the inventor .

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