Tension its rightful just gave him a thumbs up itself I given the answer I was his body and we're going to helping G began to question as a as along rifle correct the correct answer earns Bruce is confident giving Hayes free rein inside the hot zone he decides to probe closer to LiftDerma the target going to yeah I really thought they might take that protect the afternoon and letups go down but you down there so we went down we walk and I went back to their camera near way to protect the was hiding and I was praying at and one officer was writing a blog I'm-gonna get this guy without physical contact as I start acting annoyed day K that so now they're kind of looking at each other over I all do ground in I yeah and there's a yeah it okay is over four hours to wear down the guards and successfully reach the target when I enjoyed about this signed admission lies it was an opportunity to really show people how the ninja would operate by going without any over weapons actually allowed me to move right into the middle of all that dangerous okay I just got 11 spread right there I got duped by and I mean it was believable that he was %uh the maintenance guy nice for a held their ground it was %ah said he said there is no exceptions except for the two referees sup hays has completed his mission his success proves that the meanings ancient techniques are still viable in today’s high-tech world could what about the most unbelievable still love the ninja are they really capable a reading minds or is this just a mess next on.

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