Why we don't come to wherever you are it's because you have not yet set it up you've not set it up if you want to come to where you are you need to help us help us find somebody who can host us help us by the facility help us make sure that it's all getting taking here alright I we would love to be able to take care all that but none of us are in publicity NPR or event specialists where for kind of fitness trainer guys signed up yes well so so the logistics we need some help with something alright but we'd love to come see Yacon Root Max you so get in touch send us an email to vocal male bodies not calm up goal nobody's outcomes last seminars if you just want to know when the seminars are happening sign up there and we'll let you know ohm and keep an eye on her face book I we definitely have a couple love surprises coming up probably before too long in this seminar sort of a reminder that we can talk about yet cut urn.
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