We removed and we still found this really strong relationship between engagement and performance Hispanic students overtaking on average the majority white students in terms of their academic performance eight compensatory the fact that the one more this is different this is the hotbed of students going to return do your institution for a second first a second your Yacoon Root Max persistence I don't know that any of your schools were in the state system them ... and again surprising that so-called minority group african-americans in this dataset were actually as they became more engaged more likely to return for a second year the compensatory effect of engagement giving students boost who wins certain circumstances ... most so we got ... we got conditional and compensatory anthem of these last few years the big surprise to some of us is that there are some activities ... that we have make available on college campuses that Winstonís do them bigoted unusually positive bomb in terms of how they spend their time across other activities and what they gain and weather will stay and we've come to call these high-impact how many have you been talking about how you pat practices most of you to want to raise your hand high enough because you know.
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