You can get a good meal on the road international yet rated no sappy work hard and play hard sitting down for some slow food is not only healthy but it's a good retain I would like to have the out long rebound medium yeah I will have a sweet potato with nothing on it and broccoli your broccoli yes some not just eating I'm fueling up for Yacon Root Max my next workout from the best pass through there is thesis on the next Reebok fitness truth we'regonna stop on our long drive home from Louisiana visit our friends at Cross Fit no luck dote third workout Cross Fit Games open them or repeat that work out right in comfortable setting our own garage female the shoot man female to change the song rejected and start acting hands which its season sizes for dark all today's episode in the Anthony Anderson show is brought to you by somewhere here some more your dot com and mount Cox that MTGO X dot com and the thank you economy book dot com the you to see everything from the I will hey everyone welcome so much is the amp and show my name is Anthony Anderson and today.
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