I'm peace of mind or give your relatives peace of mind or get this state entities to whom you report peace at mind I also really want to talk about knowing your child and assessing how Babylon disaffection interval peace and I find its knowing your child that knowing and understanding of how your child learns that absolutely critical in being successful I also want to talk about when to reach out for help what can you do before the train leetsthe tracks we're going to conclude today of course with questions and answers and at the question and answer sessions always fascinating to me because no matter how clear I among how I say something someone always hears something differently so it always gives me the opportunity to clarify elaborate elucidate do all those things and Iím looking forward to doing that today know if you are like me several hours since my last above copy so let me encourage you to go-ahead and ask your questions as they come to mind Delta I weighty entitlement in the system they'll pop up here on my screen and when I get to that portion of the presentation I'll be sure to address them.
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