Out in coronary artery disease and heart disease is no different it's just one other aspect that we have to look at in there are a number of factors that should be considered when somebody is having a concern about heart health that are often ignored a because they're not routine I guess I don't know whatchamacallit yes another purpose is this the reason that you get the standardized tests in the that we have today is because all of them indicators all the pressure that is put upon the pathological LipoSkin community and you know we’ve got a lot a good friends out there that are our medical positions that really care about their patients that's right but the standard dialogue is not coming from blind research it's coming from directed drug company sponsored funded yeah research and guess who gets to sell the Stephens yeah yeah in all the other drugs and three and there's nothing there that would indicate or presuppose other than that research the three it makes me look crazy it does and the problem with factors you know if you see somebody that has an elevation the cholesterol the first thing that happens is they told they need to go on Staten without even checking to see if in fact the Staten is appropriate for that person's LDL form or his HDL form if you’re highly protected with lots age DL to be n you got large buoyant LDL type pattern any there's no reason for those people to be honest and ever because they're not going to ever have a atherosclerotic plaque in because have cholesterol now we're getting to what happens with the stands as well .
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