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Thread: Greetings from South Africa

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    Jun 2014
    South AFrica

    Greetings from South Africa

    Hi everybody. Been active on car forums for over 10 years now but never thought to actually register on a math forum. I used to be a math whizz back in high-school, and passed this on to my little nephew who is not so little anymore. Weekend homework is now a case of grade 10 mathematics, and an extra curricular course in advanced mathematics.

    Recently, there have been some questions that had me stumped... and now I find myself on here looking for some help and guidance from you good folk

    Hopefully, by spending time on here I may also be able to impart some help to others too.. I'm sure you all feel the same when you see a question that you know how to solve i.e. You simply HAVE TO PROVIDE THE SOLUTION..

    Anyways, looks like a friendly forum this one.. except for the odd spammer message or two that seems to make it on to the boards.
    Looking forward to building up my post count.
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    Re: Greetings from South Africa

    Hello, rasonline!

    Werlcome aboard!

    So you're a bit rusty on Math.
    Spend some time here and it'll all come back.
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