Hello everyone, my name is Jares.
I am a high school student from the wonderful state of Florida, and I am creating a YouTube channel called NowYouKnowFACS.

The channel will be very similar to VSauce, MinutePhysics, and the like, however, I want to fix their one flaw.
I am making my channel very community oriented, and I have already set up a website.

Now and again I will be coming back here every so often with some math problems that I can't seem to crack by myself.

I am a paintball enthusiast, and of course, everyone makes a video about their hobby. (I own 4 markers. I buy them, fix them up, and sell them)

I hope there will be a fruitful relation on both sides, and if you guys manage to help me out, I'll definitely say so in the videos.

NowYouKnowFACS Creator