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Thread: Hi there!!! (From a wannabe maths teacher!)

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    Jun 2014

    Hi there!!! (From a wannabe maths teacher!)

    Hi there!

    Currently teaching maths to grade A-C 16-19 year olds and taking a maths teaching qualification.... thinking of teaching secondary school maths as a career from next year..... I left school over 25 years ago, so desperate refresher required, have been a teacher to Primary School children (3-11 year olds) and a business advisor/ trainer setting up businesses and teaching profit & loss, cash flow forecasting, balance sheets etc for many years too.... so maths has always been an integral part of my job..... this was a very lucky google find!

    Looking for a starting point to one of of my assignments!!! My daughter is 14 and in her main school exam years so will get her to join too.

    My current students keep laughing at me as they have (apparently) never seen anyone so passionate about maths and love how much I care about them understanding how important it is to everyday life....

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    Re: Hi there!!! (From a wannabe maths teacher!)

    Hello, Nikki!

    Welcome aboard!

    Your qualifications are impressive.

    It'll be a pleasure to help you review Math
    and to help your daughter, too.

    Looking forward to your questions.
    Thanks from nikkinackynoodles
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    Re: Hi there!!! (From a wannabe maths teacher!)

    I have a suggestion. There are many very skilled tutors here (not me: I generally restrict myself to elementary algebra) so you may get multiple approaches to a problem. That is actually an advantage because different people think in different ways. Having these viewpoints translated through a third party loses much of the benefit of seeing different ways of analyzing the same problem. So my personal recommendation is for your daughter to ask her own questions through her own nom de plume. I am currently tutoring in person a 12 year old girl, whose father is an engineer and probably knows more math than I do. But it is very hard for her to tell her father that she has no clue what he is trying to say. She can say that to me because she is far more sensitive to what my dog thinks than what I think although I certainly understand more algebra than the dog has ever demonstrated. (I am not disparaging the dog's capacities; she may simply not want to embarrass me.)
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