Childbirth but also during snuggling and cuddling and tactile stimulation their different hormonal patterns associated with different types of pleasure and people will respond differently but I find it very intriguing that there are alternative ways of coping with stress including tending and a friend at which are much more I in the healthy pleasures way of dealing and coping with stress weave only a couple a minute so I want to go to another quick whole and what I'm going to do is hold on one second I’m going to open a poll for you and I like you again to go back to thyself evaluation that we started with on a scale of one to 10 are confident are you it you can maintain or lose weight and bill enjoy life one you're not confident Ollie all the way up very confident and I want you to feel that in to make sure you click this button Mitt button I in order to get your fellow DN on this and I'll give you just a few more seconds here to get your vote yet on and then I'm gonna show you the poll One Moment Essential Day Cream results: and ask you to do one more thing all right we're going to close the poll now and other results are coming and what Icon say is that I look at the results there's at this sided shift in that population distribution board the and 9 and 8 and that's very gratifying I and I in a moment I'll be able to reveal all those results olive you okay here the poll results: at halftime and now and you can take a look in the lower right hand corner and as you can stay at we've still got three holdouts down there at the one or two I don't think they're convinced yet Abut you can see that the largest attribution is up there so I have one more question to ask yeah I've got when you look at your results from the beginning your results at the end I want to ask it did you increase your confidence by one point or more if you but yes would you click yes if you not know would you click now and then click that met okay am I going to give .