The PM I don't do these huge elaborate meals um I just I go I got my gal if the food takes me longer than five to minutes max to make that more than I don't have that time I would be funny okay two more meals to go that include this in here the AC everything that I kitty to your meals the officiating the same kind - I have to mail the day will always just be protein and veggies I don't eat crabs after p.m. sometimes after p.m. depending on where I'm at my training but like I said I was trying to arm make sure Nitro Focus NO3 the cards are done so the fruit the LO the purple containers those areal done this salad I would actually do how that is my salad but meal mil will be the exact same this is mixed green salad cucumbers tomatoes and bell peppers and chopped up carrots so I do all those like I said I would do about half for this for one meal number five and a half from your number six I put the ground turkey on top and I don't even get can't be wit my dressing I know there's recipes up gave you guys recipes and -day fix and they're amazing and they're fun and do like to use them.
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